Favorite Links for kids

Bounce, Cottage NY-  This is trampoline place where you can take your children to bounce from 2 to 14. They can also play dodge ball, and even perform simple gymnastic activities. The best part is they have open hours on Sundays when alot of places are hosting birthday parties, here is the link,bounceonit.com/valley-cottag

Bounce U-  This is a childrens center that has many bounce houses in a two room set up.  They do have open bounce sessions, mostly during the week, fun place to go here is the link,www.bounceu.com/

Butterfly Conservatory- This is a great place to take your kids to view and interact with live butterflies of different colors and sizes. It is a little pricey for admissions adults($15) however kids are admitted for free up to 5 yrs old, here is the link,

Explore & More- This is a center that has many things for 1 to 10 years olds to explore such as different cultures, how things are built, how electricity works, its only $5.00 to get in per person, here is the website,

SPCA of Erie County-    This is a free place to take your kids to see some dogs, cats and other furry animals. They even have a small barn in the back to check out some other barn yard favorites such as pigs, goats and roosters.  One more thing to note is since most of their stuff is donated, prices for animal supplies, even stuffed animals is very cheap.
Here is the website,www.yourspca.org/Page.aspx

Bounce Magic-   How about taking your kids to an indoor bounce house city, for ages 1 -15 and dads can enjoy this as well, its $10.00 to get in but adults are free. here is the web address, The company just had carpet installed near the bounce houses please view my recent article on this news at Buffalo Examiner.com. http://www.bouncemagic.com/BMI_2/index.htm

Aquarium of Niagara-  A great place for kids 1-15 to learn about the different species of fish and mammals. There is sea lion show that is pretty funny to watch and enjoy. You can even schedule a your child's birthday party there with advance notice. Here is the website, www.aquariumofniagara.org/

Niagara Power Projects Power Vista  A great place for children 3 and up to learn about electricity, more than 50 interactive exhibits and the best part its free admission. Here the web address,

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