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This is important information regarding the Stomach Crunch Marathon on December 1, 2 and 3, to be held at Planet Fitness now World Gym 5435 Sheridan Drive between Youngs and Evans in Williamsville starting at 7 am. This charity event will be televised on the USTREAM website under 24/7 showings.  
Here is the URL address to view the event starting at 7am, http
This televised event will include more than just stomach crunches for charity. This event is about you, your struggles and or your successes as a dad and the future you envision for your family. I am encouraging each and everyone one of you that believe you are more than just a dad to your child or children to come down to the event have your say. I want as many dads as possible to feel free to come to Planet Fitness and tell their stories about why they are a Dad on power mode, during my breaks from the stomach crunches. Here your chance to let the world know what your really about so please make room in your day to, come to World Gym in Williamsville on either December 1, 2, or December 3. Remember this site is about you, Dads on Power-mode. Thanks for your cooperation in this event.Donations should be sent to:
The Salvation Army Buffalo Area Services
960 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

Attn.: Dads on Power Mode 72 Hr Stomach Crunch Marathon/ Lance B Fundraiser

I just completed the 72 hr stomach Crunch Marathon this morning 12/4 at 7am. I was able to complete about 169,000 stomach crunches and raise at least $700 dollars for Salvation Army of Buffalo. I am expecting that donation number to get higher with mail in donations expect to arrive at Salvation Army later on.  As for me aside from some problems associated with almost no rest I got 3 hours of sleep total for the days I am doing fine. I also developed some scrapes on my back from the exercise machine that will heal. I want to thank World Gym in Williamsville and its great staff for hosting the event and providing support and nutrition to me during the event. I want to thank World Gym's patrons for their support and their donations. I am very thankful for Hae Jude Signs for the printing of the shirts and signs for the event. Subway was very gracious to provide subs for the event. I want to thank Salvation Army for providing support for me to raise money for their organization.I want to thank Mark, Phil and my family for being their for me and given me support and inspiration especially my daughter.  Finally I want to thank USTREAM staff for their support and help with promoting the event. I am considering doing a event similar to this again in the near future with hopefully more dads involvement. Hope most of you had a chance to see the USTREAM show, email me sometime to chat or get together. Lance

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