About Me

There are other great dads with great stories to tell, please email me, I will publish it.


I have many years of experience working with adults and children in the healthcare field. I believe in the power of giving, which has inspired me to organize and participate in many types of fundraisers. As a journalist, I'm a freelance writer for the Buffalo Examiner on fitness and nutrition online. I am also a freelance fitness consultant and nutritional advisor after having been successful in losing weight and getting fit. . I am always available for assistance and advice to help others get fit and stay healthy and protect your family, please email me anytime. The best way to described my passion for helping others is that I have a never say never attitude. I rarely take no for an answer when empowering others to complete their life goals. This web-site was created for dads looking for ways to find support, strength and empowering ideas to reach higher limits in their lives.


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