Create an activity ideas, for your children

Create a fitness activity or routine with your children-
These days children need to learn about the importance of exercise and given fact that  USA National obsesity rates for children are on the rise. This introduction into fitness could be as simple as showing your child or children how to properly perform push-ups, sit-ups or leg raises. Consider purchasing some exercise DVDs and create a family exercise session after dinner or in the evening. Taking your child or children on a jog or a walk around the neighborhood can also be another way to get them into fitness. In the spring consider going bicycling with them, UB bike path in Amherst is a great place to go, even for just walking. The website owner owns a tandem or two person bicycle himself for family use.  Also remember to talk to your children about proper nutritional advice as well. Here are some web-links for calorie intake guidelines for your children.

Use Food shopping as an activity to teach your children about nutrition 
This can be great time to show your children how to read food labels and to show them how to select and purchase nutritional foods. Bring along a small food pyramid to help them understand how to select healthy food items. Make it into a game by giving a reward to your child or children for selecting the most nutritious foods they can enjoy eating.


Use a game of a board game such as monopoly to teach your children about money
Games involving play money can be a great way to teach your children about simple budgeting and money managment. It just takes a little creativity to create some side money games along with playing by the stated rules of the game.

Use something as simple as clay or play dough to teach your children about creativity
Try just helping your children to create things or objects just using clay to stimulate their creative talents. Remember to always use positive encouragement no matter what they may create.


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