Recommended Products for Dads


Smart baby Packs change station- A great compact changing station, especially during those times when you are taking the baby out and need a clean place to change your baby. This is a very durable changing pad, the best I used so far and it even has a place to put wipes. You can find this at Babies R Us , this product tends to be towards the back of the store.

Baby Einstein Videos    I find this video's are entertaining and educational despite what critics have said about them. These video's also have different language options as well which can further enhance your child's learning. Also check out some Sesame street videos as well, these videos never fail to entertain.



 Any thermometers or any kind with a big viewing face- Most of their models are nice to use but my favorite is the Vicks Comfort Flex Digital Thermometer with Fever in Sight Feature. The thermometer has a big digital face which is easy to read during those early morning hours when your vision is not so clear. This type can be used orally or rectally, go to any drug store to find this thermometer.


Formula recommendations- Go to Walmart; they have an inexpensive brand of powered formula called Parent,'s Choice that has similar ingredients to Similac and at a much cheaper price.

Solid Food Recomendations for older toddlers and children
Nothing beats a home cooked lunch or dinner for your child for nutrition and health benefits. If you must buy processed food for your child, look for organic or meals with the fewest preservatives sugar and fat. Get creative and try introducing your child to different types of foods to gauge their interest. Applesauce as a side dish can help encourage your fussy eater to try new food items.

Also seeking recommendations from other dads.

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