What it means to be a dad.
What being a dad means to me
Being a dad for sure is a big responsibility with all the care children require but there are some intrinsic rewards that bring pleasure to my heart. First there is that beautiful smile that greets you in the morning which is my ray of sunshine that brightens my day. Secondly there is some little person in your life to give you endless hugs to show their how much they appreciate you. Thirdly my daughter empowers me to be a better person with her presence. Finally I never get tired of hearing daddy, daddy because it will always be beautiful music to my ears. Yes when you have children, your life is not your own but I would not trade my daughter for the world.

Being a dad means being there for them during those crucial years
It’s important to be there for your child during those crucial growing up years, to help mentor your children. I have always tried to participate in different activities with my son. A parent has the greatest chance to positively influence their kid’s lives in those early years. I have recently taken swimming lessons with my son and we both enjoy it. I look forward to participating in many other future activties with my 10 year son.
John Kraus

Being a dad means teaching my children to give back to their community
I want my children to be able to learn how to give back to the community and have recently signed my daughter up for the Ride for Roswell. My daughter and I are going to ride for 9 miles in this year’s event that raises money for the Roswell Cancer institute. My daughter has raised over 400 dollars just going door to door in our community and I am so proud of her. I plan to encourage my younger son to do the same when he gets older.

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