Welcome, Dads, This is a dads resource site which is dedicated to all the hardworking dads that are making a positive difference in their families lives, feel proud and empowered for your efforts.
We should always resolve ourselves to continue to push forward and improve the lives of our families and children. Every year brings different challenges but we must rise up and tackle these obstacles head on because we know we can. This is particularly true for all the older dads.

This site will be undergoing a relaunch, I am looking for your support, look for a newer edition soon.

Here is article about the importance of reading to our children,www.yahoo.com/parenting/the-science-behind-how-bedtime-stories-help-kids-127181766427.html

To all the dads and Parents out there here is an important message;  For some unknown reasons parents are forgetting about their children that are strapped in the back seats, literally leaving their vehicles and going about their day to only realize too late they left their kids in these hot vehicles.  I am saddened to hear about these preventable incidents and I am asking all dads and parents to be nosey and check unattended vehicles that have car seats in them to see if there are children still strapped in their seats. If you see any children locked in any vehicle please call 911 immediately or break the glass and remove these children, you may be the only person that prevents that child's death.

Dads, staying healthy physically can be a hard thing to do these days especially for older dads. The owner of this site is willing to help with his no nonsense approach to physical fitness, I am offering to provide this service free of charge to help you get started. Please contact me through the contact site section. Here is a link to the activties I particpate with my child  youtu.be/XViQkh3zAm

I have just heard about this story of the O"Neill family trying to raise money for an experimental drug trail to help their daughter battle a deadly disease, please help if you can, they have a limited time frame to be able to help their child here is the link,

here is one link about a dad that inspired his son to particpate in a marathon,

Here is another link about a dad that lost his daughter to a disease and raised money to have a stolen moment event in her honor. www.today.com/parents/grieving-dad-wants-other-parents-share-stolen-moment-their-kids-2D79532296

For all the dads of older children, Bullying in schools is a big problem and this needs to be monitored by talking with your children about this form of conflict. We need to step it up and support our children enduring these taunts through discussion and conflict resolution.  I have posted information and resources on this subject to help empower you with this serious issue.

Check out the section for recommended services for dads that can help with job searches and career choices and baby sitting.Visit the favorite links section that contains suggestions for activties that your child may be interested in participating in and suggested products for them as well. Also there is list of activities suggested for dads that need some time away from their home.

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